Global Services Testimonials – See What Our Customers Have to Say about Us!

Whether you specialize in financial management, information technology, translation or any other type of product or service, Global Services offers a rare blend of exceptional customer service and hard-nosed strategies for federal contracting. But don’t take our word for it — have a look at what some of our 400+ clients have to say:

What Our Clients Say:

“I wish to convey my sincerest gratitude to Global Services, Inc. for the professional support and advice which your company and your Account Manager, Mr. Jody Franklin, provided to us throughout the development of our GSA proposal.

Mr. Franklin was very knowledgeable in all phases of the process. We greatly appreciated his consistent professionalism, responsiveness and patience. Mr. Franklin’s attention to detail and quality, were no doubt, key factors in Clancy Environmental Consultants’ GSA proposal being processed on a fast track, following submission. Everything was in order for the GSA Contracting Officer and there were no issues during the review process.

We were very fortunate that our GSA Schedule was approved so expeditiously; it enabled us to pursue a solicitation we had targeted for several months, within weeks of being awarded our GSA Environmental Schedule.

Global Services came highly recommended to us by a partner company and we are pleased that we followed through on the recommendation. We will in turn recommend Global Services, Inc. to other companies interested in pursuing their GSA Schedule. Thank you for your exceptional customer service.”

Jennifer Clancy Ph.D., President, Clancy Environmental Consultants, Inc.
“EEI Communications owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to you and your associates for the service you rendered in 2008.

Navigating the world of government contracting is a challenge even under perfect circumstances. Your counsel and guidance has always been first rate and has directly resulted in EEI winning business.

You really went above and beyond when changes made by the GSA caused significant issues with our contracting vehicles. Save for your persistent pursuit of a resolution through very trying circumstances, the result to EEI would have been nothing short of catastrophic.

Please refer to me any potential client needing reassurance about the value of working with you and your organization. It will be my sincere pleasure to let them know that there is still an organization that consistently exceeds expectations.”

John H. O’Brien Vice President, EEI Communications
“I would like to congratulate Global Services on the professionalism and expertise displayed while working with HeiTech Services, Inc. (HeiTech Services). As you are aware, Global Services has worked with us over the past three years to obtain and maintain multiple GSA Schedules, as well as to assist us with other full and open proposal development projects. Global Services continues to provide HeiTechServices with outstanding customer service. From start to finish of all our collaborative efforts, your attentive sales and account management staff has offered sound, knowledgeable solutions for our firm. Individually, and as a team, Global Services’ staff is an invaluable resource to HeiTech Services.

Global Services took the GSA schedule process to its most basic level, allowing HeiTech Services to invest the least amount of time and resources, while developing a high quality, professional product. You provided easy-to-understand instructions and documents, and made every attempt to present options to optimize our return. Global Services included us in every step of the process. Your staff’s knowledgeable, timely responses during the GSA review process and the expertise provided throughout the negotiations helped to facilitate the speedy award of our original schedules, as well as subsequent modifications.

I would strongly recommend Global Services to any other firm interested in having their GSA experience handled quickly and professionally. Congratulations again, and thank you.”

Jim Clement Executive Vice President, HeiTech Services, Inc.
“This letter is long overdue. Without the help of your company, we would never have obtained a GSA Schedule. We tried on our own for over a year, with no luck. Work always took precedence so that we never seemed to have the time to do the research and gather the paperwork required.

Your staff was extremely competent; detail oriented, and always kept in touch throughout the entire process.When we had to negotiate our fees, your firm was vital in consulting with us to help us achieve the most advantageous rates possible.

Within two weeks of getting the schedule, we got a job from the Department of Labor, which sent us around the world to document improvements in child labor in third world countries. A photographer, writer and myself traveled to six countries in three continents. This never would have been possible without the GSA schedule. We now can use the GSA logo on our letterhead!

We have, and will continue to recommend your fine firm to other companies seeking GSA contracts. Keep up the good work!”

Jill Tanenbaum President, Graphic Design and Advertising, Inc
“I would like to formally express my thanks for the professionalism and responsiveness of your company in the preparation, submission, and negotiation of our proposal to be on the GSA Schedule for Foreign Languages. From beginning to end, as a supervisor, you were always available to help solve problems and speed the slow GSA Process. You helped negotiate the best rates possible and made sure that additional clauses would not be detrimental to our company. You interceded when the GSA contracting officer was not responsive. Simply put, you made it all happen.

I am very happy I selected your firm for this proposal submission, and I will recommend your services to any of my colleagues who decide to submit a proposal to the GSA. Again, thank you very much for your excellent work.”

Monique-PauleTubb President, Advanced Communication and Translation, Inc.
“I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I am with your company and the service you provided us. When Vic Holleyman first came to me and told me your firm had a success record of 357 to 0, I was impressed, but somewhat skeptical. Now I must say that I am a believer.

Mr. Franklin was always attentive to our needs. He answered our questions and was never more than a call away. I came to rely on his professionalism and experience. Global Services actually made this experience of securing our GSA contract number easy. Mr. Franklin also mentioned other ways Global Services could work for us.

I will keep your firm at the top of my list for future work.

In closing, I would like to tell you again how much we value the work Global Services did for us.”

Ron Witherspoon President, Aurora, DNV, LLC
“First off, I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent services in obtaining our GSA contract. Second we could not have completed this process without you. The Global Services team not only does what you say you’ll do, but you provide more support than expected, When we began this process we considered several options, including an in-house solution and your competitors. There is no doubt we made the right choice.

The experience and skills you and your staff possess made the process smoother than we had hoped it would be, Global Services hands-on approach to account management meant that i and my team were…

  • Guided in gathering the proper information – saving both time and money.
  • Kept up-to-date during the GSA review process- making us part of the process, and
  • Ensured that we would receive the best possible outcome

We couldn’t have asked for more.

It remains a pleasure working with Global from soup to nuts. Campaign consultation is pleased to recommend the invaluable services you and your team provide. Thanks again.”

Linda Brown Rivelis President, Campaign Consultation, Inc.
“I am pleased to have this opportunity to commend you and members of your staff for the outstanding work that your company performed on behalf of CSIS. As you know, over a number of years, CSIS had made several attempts to prepare the application that would quality it for the General Service Administration’s (GSA) Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services (MOBIS) Schedule of contractors. Each time, the effort proved frustrating due to the extensive amount of historical information and detailed documentation that was required. Each time the effort was abandoned in favor of more pressing business.

In November of 2002, CSIS partnered with Global Services, Inc. and, as a result, we are now fully integrated onto the MOBIS scheduled. We have already had a number of opportunities to benefit from our inclusion on the schedule and we see it as a major part of our ability to complete for government work in the future.

I would like to personally thank Courtney Fairchild and her team of experts for their patience, encouragement, and hard work that allowed all of us to reach this goal. It is truly remarkable to think back over all of the time that we struggled to become part of this only to find that our goal has been reached.

Thanks again for your outstanding support.”

Gregory D Broddus Chief Financial Officer, CSIS
“As you know owning and operating a small business can be more than a terrific challenge as you struggle to manage your day-to-day operations while keeping an eye open for growth potential. While I had set my sights on a GSA Contract, I wasn’t sure that my schedule was going to allow for its pursuit. This is where Global Services came in.

Knowing that I could rely on another small business that understood my resources and time Constraints, I was able to maintain the balance of running my business and benefit from the growth of a new federal contract vehicle. Your staff made every effort to not only understands my business, but the industry as a whole in the context of GSA. A Personal touch mixed with Professionalism is the hallmark of every quality small business and Global Services is no exception. You should be very proud.

Thank you again and please feel free to use me as a personal reference. I am always add to the growth of a small business that added to mine.”

Maureen P. Wilcox President, Femme Comp Incorporated
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Global Services for the excellent assistance with maintaining our GSA Schedule.

Fig Leaf Software has used Global Services to assist with our monthly maintenance for about 3 year and have always been pleased with the efficient, courteous and professional services that has been provided. I feel confident that I can always ask Global Services any question about our GSA Contract and I get correct prompt responses. From the receptionist at Global Services to our Account representative we couldn’t ask for better services.

I have, in the past and will continue to, recommend the staff at Global Services to anyone inquiring about obtaining or maintaining a GSA Contract.

Thank you for being so great to work with!”

Michelle Hanley Training Coordinator, Fig Leaf Software
“Thank you for your thorough and professional review our proposal for the Navy task order contract.

Your suggestions and ideas were very helpful and I believe they were an important part of our being successful in receiving one of the awards on the contract. We have been awarded a contract and we have received task orders after award.

It’s difficult to find someone who will do a thorough job of reviewing technical proposals like this quickly, when it is needed. I’m glad to have found your company. And appreciate the great service.”

Gregg West Director, Special Construction Group, JCM Associates
“We are very pleased to have been awarded our approved GSA Schedule and GSA Contract number. Thank you to all of your fine staff for turning a mammoth and tedious effort into a manageable and positive experience.

Matthew Thompson has proved himself to be a very knowledgeable, efficient and capable account manager. We appreciate his prompt and friendly responses to our various questions and requests. We are confident in Mr. Thompson’s representation of our company to the General Services Administration as well.

We will recommend Global Services to our business associates as a professional company that excels in personalized customer services. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Global as the need for your services develops in the future.

Thank you again for your indispensable services in obtaining our GSA contract”

Joy Bastelli Operations Manager, Joseph N. Golubov Associates, Inc.
“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and you and you staff for your faithful and professional service over the years, and take great pleasure in offering this testimony to that affect.

As Logis-Tech began expanding its business in the federal sector, it became apparent that we needed to take advantage of GSA’s various business Schedules. Having never been involved with GSA, it did not take much research to realize that in order to expedite the process and ensure the submission of a complaint proposal, we needed professional assistance. After exploring a number of options, we decided to engage the services of Global Services on the basis of their demonstrated past performance, fair price, and aggressive approach in helping us to expedite the proposal process.

Of particular note were the stellar efforts of Mr. Matt Thompson who provide uniting support and direction throughout the process. Matt’s guidance significantly reduced the time required to prepare the proposal. He was always there to answer our questions and refocus our direction to ensure that Logis-Tech’s total corporate capability was captured in the process and ultimately marketable to the Federal sector on our corporate Schedule. Further, he and the Global Services’ staff worked very closely with us during our pricing effort to ensure we were compliant with what the Government desired and in a format that was easily understood.

There are many great things to be said about Global Services, but I guess the most complimentary is their willingness to provide more than the customer expects, even after the award of a contract with GSA.

Please accept my thanks and gratitude for a job well done!”

John T. Senter Senior Vice President, Business Development, Logis-Tech
“I wanted to thank you for the excellent job Global Services did for our submission to the GSA under the FABS schedule. Mr. Franklin was instrumental in the process of submission, negotiation, and navigating us through award.

I will be sure to refer you and your firm to any colleagues that pursue a GSA Schedule Contract.”

Matt Martin Matt Martin Real Estate Management
“Metters Industries, Inc is hereby extending our sincere thanks for the professionalism and outstanding support provided by Global Services to Metters over the past several years in assisting us with the submission and successful award of there GSA Schedules as well as support to Metters on another major GWAC contract award.

Your staff provided us with step by step instructions and information required from our staff to make the proposal process as seamless and effortless as possible.

Our sincere thanks for a job well done!”

Harold L. Robinson Vice President, Metters Industries, Inc.
“It is with pleasure that I forward this letter to you in gratitude for a job well done. As the Vice-President of Business Development for Millennium Systems Services, Inc I’m accustomed to dealing with service providers. What sets Global Services apart from others is the personal treatment you gave me (your customer), and the prompt response to our questions throughout the process.

You made a difficult process seem easy and painless. Not to mention that your services were the least expensive we found anywhere. We knew that getting on the GSA LOGWORLD schedule wasn’t easy and it would take a lot of hard work from both
parties. But you still got us on the schedule in a mere 30 days…a noteworthy achievement.

Again, Thank you for a job well done wish you the best.”

Dr. Tony Ortiz VP, Millennium Systems Services, Inc.
“I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the dedication and support you have provided to NSM on behalf of Global Services over the past two years. It has sincerely been a pleasure knowing you and working with you.

When Gloria and I first came to Global Services, we were hopeful, but a little unsure whether another company could provide NSM the kind of help required to move the company forward and grow. After several meetings with you and Pat, we certainly had a change of mind. Global Services offered a fresh outlook and enthusiasm about NSM’s capabilities that was reassuring. As our business plan developed, a goal that emerged was the eventual transition of our marketing activities to an in-house capability. Thanks is no small part to you and GSI, we have successfully realized that goal.

Somewhere in the process of focusing our effort and establishing the marketable services of NSM, you became a member of our NSM family. The transition to in-house marketing is a major step for NSM, but an exciting one. The down side of this exciting step is giving up the close working relationship we have enjoyed with you and GSI.

Once again, you have my sincere thanks for your contributions to NSM, both in realizing this goal and helping to create a positive view for NSM’s future. I wish you every success in your future endeavors.”

Sandra H. Raftery President, National Systems Management Corp.
“Global Services, Inc. has been presenting Federal Government procurement workshops for SCORE for several years. SCORE is a nationwide non-profit association with 11,000 volunteer members providing free counseling to America’s small businesses. It is a resource partner of the Small Business Administration.

You, as Vice President, and Courtney Fairchild, CEO, have offered pro bono half-day workshops on “Business Development in the Federal Sector” and “GSA Schedules” to over 200 small business attendees, who have been enthusiastic about both the material and the presenter. Every workshop has been a “hit” and all remain among our most popular.

We at Chapter 1 in Washington, DC. with over 50 volunteers continue to appreciate your generous contributions of time and effort and look forward to more years of a very productive association with Global Services.”

Lee E. Surut Workshop Coordinator, SCORE
“I would like to commend Global Services on the professionalism and expertise they showed throughout the process of helping Armstrong Service Inc. in attaining our GSA contract. Your professional staff of sales and account managers and your personal involvement were the keys to our success.

Global Services demonstrated the highest quality service from helping Armstrong Service Inc. to understand the marketing benefits of obtaining a GSA contract, to understanding and working through the submission process. Individually, and as a team, Global Services’ staff was an invaluable resource. More importantly, your personal touch, your ability to articulate complex processes, and your understanding of our business were immensely helpful.

With easy to understand instructions and documents Global Services refined the GSA schedule process to its simplest level requiring the bare minimum of our company’s time and resources. You made every effort to present options to optimize Armstrong’s return and included us in every step of the process. Global Services’ knowledgeable and timely responses during the GSA review process and expertise in negotiations played a large part in our speedy award.

I would highly recommend Global Services to any other interested in having their GSA experience handled quickly and professionally. Thank you for your dedication and best wishes for continued success.”

David F. Shutler Colonel, USAF (Ret), Director of Government Relations
“I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your staff for all of the help and guidance you provided Threespot in obtaining our GSA schedule. While the GSA contracting process is both involved and time-consuming, Global Services’ (GSI) knowledge and expertise truly helped shepherd us through the process.

At the outset, the task seemed daunting, and we questioned our interest in actually “pushing through.” But your staff’s confidence, knowledge and understanding of GSA’s interests and needs made the process manageable. I’m sure that our decision to work with you saved us time and money, not to mention considerable aggravation.

Thanks again for a job well done.”

David Belman Managing Partner, Threespot Media
“I am delighted to provide this letter of reference for Global Services.
The company did an excellent job of researching my areas of interest within the Federal Government and providing me with that information in an organized and useful manner. Receiving the information from you about agency priorities and “players” saved me many days of searching on my own.

I also feel that your professional understanding of my business needs, and related advice that you have provided, have been very helpful. You helped me get on target and answer some key questions in a hurry. You also have been very timely with your responses and were always there when I needed to make contact.

Please let me know if I can provide additional information. I would be happy to respond.

Best regards and best wishes as you move ahead.”

Brian Fitch Owner, Value Unlimited